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Go2ItDeals Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coupons are Go2ItDeals.com

Go2ItDeals.com is online directory of digital coupons offering daily deals from businesses around the world. Our Go2ItDeals.com community has the opportunity to access coupon codes, offers, digital coupons and even submit their own coupons at available times. Coupons for products and services can be free or paid coupons with great savings and discounts, so feel free to Go2It and Save!

Should I create an account for Go2ItDeals?

YES! Creating an account allows you, the user to sign up and customize your information, alerts, share, print and download Go2ItDeals. It’s the perfect Go2ItTool for getting the latest and greatest offers you want, when you want them at your finger tips. Go2It Today and save!
Once you create an account in just a few EASY steps, you can Go2It by picking up points and rewards that will help you save. Submitting and sharing the coupons you find to Go2ItDeals.com you will reap the rewards of online shopping at Go2ItDeals.

How Can I Utilize Go2ItDeals?

It’s Simple! Go2ItDeals offers its users access to coupons placed on the site. These coupons can be utilized by the user as a savings or they can be shared and they can even be ranked. If the user owns a business they can upload their coupon for approval under the Go2ItMerchant menu.

How do I sign up and create a Go2ItDeals account?

You can Go2It and sign-up today! As the user you will have the option of creating an account using the social platform Facebook or simply submit your email address and password for your new account.
As a Go2It member you can sign-up for alerts, emails, offers and to complete your profile. Have a question? You can start submitting and sharing coupons on Go2ItDeals!

What’s the difference between a Login and a Register?

If you already have an account, you’ll need to login to Go2ItDeals.com to access your account details. If you haven’t set-up and account yet, no worries just signup here to create an account. Utilize the Register tab and Go2It.

I already have a Go2ItDeals account.How do I login if I forgot my password?

If you have previously created a password with Go2ItDeals, you can log-in to your account at Go2ItDeals Login
Forgot your password? No worries, simply select “Forgot Password”. We have a few steps to simplify helping you out and you’ll be able to log back in.

Why is Go2ItDeals.com asking for my Facebook information?

Go2ItDeals offer users the ability to sign up and log in using their existing Facebook accounts. The features and benefits are that you won’t have to create an account and remember yet another password online. Facebook and Go2ItDeals will keep this information private. Utilizing your Facebook account also saves you the time of having to verify your email address. Don’t have a Facebook? No worries… If you don’t use Facebook and would rather use your email address you will have that option as well.
Please note: Your Facebook information is private and is managed by Facebook. Go2ItDeals does not have access to your account nor will it be given access to your account. Facebook will allow a pop-up to appear to simply confirm that you are who you say you are and that someone isn’t trying to hack into your account. Go2ItDeals will NEVER see your Facebook password nor have the ability to access your account. Your privacy is important to us and you can feel secure with a social login.

Do I have to verify my email address when I create an account using my email address?

Yes, The Go2ItDeals Team wants to verify the email address for security purposes. This system ensures no one else can create an account with your email address but you, thereby keeping your account secure. Remember, if you choose to use your Facebook account, Go2ItDeals won’t ask to verify your email address, as Facebook manages the verification process on its own or via email verification to you.

What are Go2ItDeals Free Coupons?

The Free Coupons on Go2ItDeals are coupons shared by other users or by the merchants themselves on this site. These offers can be printed and utilized as per the merchants coupon offer.

What is the Go2ItDeals Sharing?

The Go2ItDeals sharing is an online community on the Go2ItDeals.com coupon site that allows users to share coupons on the Go2ItDeals site as well as printing and emailing. Please review the coupons and contact the merchant before the purchase if you have any questions. Please read the coupon carefully with regard to the offer, fine print and the merchants terms and conditions. Remember, it is up to you to research the coupon before purchasing and or utilizing and merchant coupon of offer.

What are Go2ItDeals Purchased Coupons

Go2ItDeals hosts merchant coupons for purchase on the website that can be redeemed at the participating location(s). Please review the coupons and contact the merchant before the purchase if you have any questions. Please read the coupon carefully with regard to the offer, fine print and the merchants terms and conditions. Remember, it is up to you to research the coupon before purchasing and or utilizing and merchant coupon of offer.

Go2ItDeals.com Merchant Account

I’m a merchant. What are the features and benefits of sharing coupons?

The features and benefits are quite good from both a business and marketing standpoint.

  1. Brand Awareness: People will see your brand, share it and grow your online presence = INCREASED SALES.
  2. Quality Site: Our users are seeking quality coupons, offers and deals that work for them and their families and friends. They will spread the word via email, social sites and more that drives more traffic to our merchant sites = INCREASED SALES.
  3. Digital Coupons: The age of digital coupons is here. Go2ItDeals.com offers FREE coupons and coupons for purchase. Our users have a one stop & shop website where they can shop and enjoy a wide variety of coupons = INCREASED SALES.
  4. Website Traffic: With Go2ItDeals.com your special offer should be designed to engage, attract and increase your page website traffic = INCREASED SALES.
  5. Reputation Management: The more coupons the online community uses the more often your name will be spread around on the internet. Deliver a spectacular offer with a great product and service and the online users will speak highly of you and help your business with its online reputation. Build, protect and grow your online reputation = INCREASED SALES.

Can I add my online store or website to Go2ItDeals.com?

Just Go2It! Add your business coupon utilizing the submit tab under the merchant account on the Go2ItDeals.com site. Our site is similar to a directory site if we don’t already have your store on our site, our team will review it and determine if it is a good fit for Go2ItDeals. This process may take up to several weeks. But, in most cases we will have an answer back to the business in 72 hours.

Can I get an additional website built by Go2ItDeals.com to promote my business?

Yes you can! Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. built Go2ItDeals.com and can build your company a marketing website that can utilize the Go2ItDeals on your website. By doing so your business will stay connected and increase traffic. 3 simple steps…

  • 1. Complete this form to request a FREE quote.
  • 2. Submit form.
  • 3. Review the proposal.

Yes, your business can increase sales with Go2ItDeals Offers

All FREE and PURCHASED coupons on Go2ItDeals are ranked by the ONLINE community and it’s users. If your business want’s to GET SEEN Fast make sure your coupon rises to the top fast by simply providing the perfect offer for the community. Keep in mind… the better your offer, the more the others will like it, the more it gets ranked, the better chance that it will hit our merchant highlight page and or the Go2ItDeals.com category list.

How do I get on the Go2ItDeals.com Email Subscription

Users and Merchants are permitted to subscribe or unsubscribe via the Go2ItDeals subscription. Login and adjust your preference. If you want to subscribe to email subscription now just select this link.

How do I contact Go2ItDeals.com Customer Support

Need Help? Whether you are a user or a merchant our customer service department is here to serve you. Please email customer support here.


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