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Changing Lives Martial Arts – Hampton Roads

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Features and Benefits

Are you ready to Try Martial Arts, for Discipline, Fitness and Most of All Fun?  With this AMAZING workout, Not Only will you, or your child get in shape, it’s also great for self-defense and Giving you, or your child the Tools for success in Life!

Are you amazed watching Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham, Steven Seagal, Cynthia Rothrock, or Gina Carano performing mind-bending, physics-defying Martial Arts moves to devastating effect in their hit movies? These are just a few famous Martial Artist actors plying their trades on the big screen today. Do you wish you could give the “bad guys” in your life the same treatment, just as they do? With consistent, high quality training and sincere effort, virtually anyone can learn to perform the Martial Arts techniques (minus the special effects) that make these experts so much fun to watch.

At Changing Lives Martial Arts, every student must learn to apply their skills to numerous real life scenarios and challenges, while most gain experience through failures to eventually achieve success. Falling down and getting back up teaches students to accept failures and recuperate from them ever stronger.

This evaluation class will help you SEE and FEEL the benefits of this INCREDIBLE workout

4 Weeks for $49 Includes FREE Uniform!

Changing Lives Martial Arts

Virginia Beach, VA
Changing Lives Martial Arts operates four locations in Hampton Roads. Working hard to Change Lives and bring the martial arts awareness with members within our community his team has become a City Wide “Partners In Education” with the public school system. Changing Lives Martial Arts Instructors are a few of the best instructors in the nation. Certified, well trained, and active practitioners… all are hand selected by our Master Instructor which makes for a great mentor, coach and instructor for our CLMA students.


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4 Weeks For $49
Includes FREE Uniforms

This deal is offered by Changing Lives Martial Arts

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Welcome our Changing Lives Martial Arts and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our martial arts instructor and program directors are standing by to assist you on enrolling into a program that is the perfect fit! Changing Lives Martial Arts is located in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. With 4 6,000 ft facilities there is plenty of training space for each class. Changing L... Read More
Where to use voucher?
Princess Anne Martial Arts
3809 Princess Anne Road Suite 115
Virginia Beach Virginia 23456
(757) 563-9022
Red Mill Walk Martial Arts
2277 Upton Drive Suite 704
Virginia Beach Virginia 23454
(757) 563-9022
Greenbrier Martial Arts
1400 Kempsville Suite 102
Chesapeake Virginia 23320
(757) 382-9022
Edinburgh Commons Martial Arts
236 Carmichael Way Suite 303
Chesapeake Virginia 23322
(757) 432-9022


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